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Red Hat Exams

Great news. At long last I have finally managed to become a RHCE. It took a while, and four exams, but I made it! Here are my results on the way to earning my RHCE… RHCSA Exam 1: 133 out of 300 RHCSA Exam 2: 233 out of 300 PASS RHCE Exam 1: 187 out of 300 RHCE Exam 2: 247 out of 300 PASS … and my certificate number is: 111-127-981. Happy days!

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Synergy: Windows 7 Server – RHEL Client

I recently attempted to pass and failed the RHCSA exam. In order to make sure that on my second attempt I would pass I borrowed a nice meaty workstation from work and set up SL 6 on it. This workstation’s CPU has the vtx flag allowing me to create SL / Centos 6 guests to practice with. Everything went smoothly however the use of an extra keyboard and mouse, and the space these devices took up started to become an issue. I knew there was software (I find KVMs clumsy and prone to crashes) on the market that would allow…

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New Momentus XT Hard Drive

My new Seagate Momentus XT hard drive turned up today! I bought it to breath new life into my old Toshiba laptop, and so far the signs are good. The Momentus XT is a standard 320GB 7,200 rpm disk, but it has an additional 4GB cache that remembers the files you use the most. The idea is that commonly used files are accessed on the flash memory, massively improving performance over the spindle element of the disk. I don’t have any specific benchmarks, but my Ubuntu install seems to boot a little quicker. The real noticeable performance is the speed…

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Post Birthday hangover & the Science Museum

The day after celebrating your birthday is always a little hazy, what better than a day trip to the Science Museum to get your mind working again! There’s nothing like a spontaneous day trip to cure a hangover on a seriously hot day. We drove up to Wimbledon and caught the District Line up to South Kensington. This seemed like a good idea, however as everyone knows, the tube in Summer (if you can three days of sunshine Summer) is never fun, especially the incredibly slow District Line. Having said that it was cool going past Wimbledon Park and seeing…

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