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Install Posh Git on Windows 10 (x64)

Posh Git is a really helpful open-source project that includes a number of scripts offering Git and Powershell integration. When installed it allows tab auto completion for common Git operations along with showing the current branch and state of files. As you can see above, showing the current branch is neat. Installation Let’s get this bad boy installed. Firstly you need to install Git for Windows. Head to the Git page (not GitHub) and download the correct package for your version of Windows. Once the package has downloaded, click through the installation options. I went with the Windows command…

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WordPress .htaccess rules for Nginx

This guide shows you the equivalent .htaccess rewrite rules to get WordPress working properly with permalinks on the Nginx web server. There is no direct equivalent for .htaccess in Nginx, so you cannot copy and past the .htaccess rules that WordPress suggests when you change your permalink settings in the dashboard. Instead you need to add the following rules to you site local configuration file. You could put these rules in the global nginx.conf file, generally found at…

…but it is much better practice to have a single configuration file with local overrides for each site you are hosting…

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How to automate Varnish cache purge

This guide shows you how to use the varnishadm command in your system crontab to automate Varnish cache purging. Access your server as root or switch to the root user. If you installed Varnish from a repo you will have all the Varnish utility commands installed as well. You need to make sure that varnishadm is installed so run the command now. You will get an output asking you for switches and arguments. This is correct.

Before going any further you may wish to read over the varnishadm manual pages, just to familiarise yourself with the command.


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SSH Timeout Problems on a Virgin Media Super Hub version 2

A commonly reported problem with the Virgin Media SuperHub is that an SSH connection will timeout. This is apparently due to the device having a very small amount of RAM leading to connection details being dropped. If you are using a Mac or a Linux computer there is a solution, as follows. First of all bring up a terminal on your respective machine. Then change to you .ssh directory.

Now create a local config file either using touch or just go straight into vim.

When the editor opens copy and paste the following into it. Remember to press…

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An announcement!

A couple of months ago I got back to thinking about where I’d like to be, not only career wise, but personally in a few years time. It’s incredible how my vision for the future has matured and developed as life has changed! I came to the conclusion that it was time for a change, with my second child now 8 months old and family life pretty settled, more specifically a career change. I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy most about my role as General Manager at CatN: meeting with (potential) clients. More specifically I love that ‘eureka moment’…

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Cloud Channel TV

In conversation with I met up with Robin Block from Cloud Channel TV to talk about the cloud industry and the challenges that businesses face when adopting cloud technologies. Here are short clips of the full interview that Cloud Channel released through their Twitter account. We covered a lot of topics, so I’d really appreciate any feedback on my comments. Moving to the cloud Future of IaaS

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