Remotely connecting to your NAS with FileZilla FTP client

I have had a few questions posted on a previous post, “Setting up port forwarding on a Virgin Media SuperHub with a Zyxel NSA310 NAS” that ask about how to connect to the NAS remotely after setting up port forwarding. This post is a quick guide for using the FileZilla FTP CLIENT to do this.

FileZilla is cross-platform compatible so you can follow this guide using the FileZilla client on Linux, Mac OSX, or Windows.

  1. In the Host field enter the IP address you just got from Google.
    • In the Username field enter either the admin username, or the user you created in the web interface or setup utility for your NAS.
    • In the Password field enter the password you chose for the admin account or the password you chose for the user you created.

N.B. If you do not know how to create a user or have not done so refer to your NAS documentation, or access the web interface locally (at home) for your NAS and follow the user wizard in the Administration section.


If you are unable to connect there may be one of the following problems.

Good luck, and if you have any problems (or just want to say thanks ;)) leave a comment!