SSH Timeout Problems on a Virgin Media Super Hub version 2

A commonly reported problem with the Virgin Media SuperHub is that an SSH connection will timeout. This is apparently due to the device having a very small amount of RAM leading to connection details being dropped.

If you are using a Mac or a Linux computer there is a solution, as follows.

First of all bring up a terminal on your respective machine. Then change to you .ssh directory.

cd /Users/username/.ssh/

Now create a local config file either using touch or just go straight into vim.

vim config

When the editor opens copy and paste the following into it. Remember to press i to enter insert mode in vim.

# Site-wide defaults for various options Host * ServerAliveCountMax 600 ServerAliveInterval 10

Then save and exit. Hit escape to exit insert mode in vim.


Now it’s probably a good idea to reboot your computer. Next time you try logging in with SSH, leave the terminal idle for a while and see if it times out. You should be fine! I’ve left my terminal open for hours with the connection remaining active.