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I made some comments about the challenges that arise when hosting databases, in particular production databases, in a cloud environment. It was interesting to consider where the pain points would be with PaaS and IaaS, and the benefits and draw backs of each option.

When executing your organisation’s database strategy it is important to consider whether this will be an IaaS or PaaS implementation. A decision between IaaS and PaaS will generally depend on the type of database and the expertise in the business, according to Joe Gardiner, product head at cloud hosting firm CatN

“IaaS is becoming more and more commoditised so it can appear an inexpensive option. However, the expertise required to configure a scalable and resilient environment on IaaS for a production database are not to be underestimated and are rarely cheap,” says Gardiner.

Taken from the article Databases in the cloud – all you need to know on Cloud Pro.

Joe Gardiner
Joe Gardiner
Technical Architect

An experienced technical architect witha focus on vendor and MSP pre-sales.

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