View speaker notes whilst presenting over a screen share on OSX

I deliver many presentations over various teleconferencing software from my Mac Book Pro. If you like to use speaker notes in presenter view in Powerpoint then this poses a problem. You have a single screen so when sharing it how can you also view notes?

You could aways just add second monitor and share the primary presentation screen, but what if you’re on the move or in a call booth? There is a workaround, but it requires an iOS device with iOS 7.0+.

By using the Duest Display app you can turn your iOS device into a secondary screen. This is a great app (costing £7.99) that provides you with numerous options for configuring the secondary iOS screen. It’s works over WiFi, but can be terribly slow, so just hook your device up to your laptop with the provided cable. Make sure it’s the official Apple one- I had issues with a third party cable. Duet also works on Windows ;)

Once you’re all setup with Duet it’s just a case of setting the iOS device (or whichever you prefer) as your secondary screen so that presenter view loads. When you’re on a video call share the presentation screen and you will be able to view your notes on the mobile device.

Joe Gardiner
Joe Gardiner
Technical Architect

An experienced technical architect witha focus on vendor and MSP pre-sales.

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