Using Travis to verify a Cloud Formation Template

Deploying infrastructure in the cloud is fun. Deploying into AWS is even more fun. Clicking buttons is not fun. You should use a Cloud Formation template. AWS CloudFormation gives developers and systems administrators an easy way to create and manage a collection of related AWS resources, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion.

PaaS will change the face of technology in business

Platform as a Service is the least defined and smallest (annual spend) layer in the “* as a Service stack” despite being a growing market, but this is changing. Venturebeat explain the cloud layers well if you need a refresher – http://venturebeat.

Moving to cloud IaaS and PaaS - is it a silver bullet?

I was recently at a networking event where I got chatting to a founder of an Internet of Things consultancy company. We had very similar views about the confusion around cloud services – at the moment IaaS is the default choice (it doesn’t even have to be explained), but is this the best option?

Comments on Cloud Pro - Databases in the cloud

I made some comments about the challenges that arise when hosting databases, in particular production databases, in a cloud environment. It was interesting to consider where the pain points would be with PaaS and IaaS, and the benefits and draw backs of each option.

Comments on Cloud Pro - Keeping IaaS costs in check

Some points I made about the importance of good code hosted on the cloud were published on Cloud Pro. One area that Joe Gardiner, head of product at cloud hosting firm Catn, believes is overlooked is the quality of code used in cloud applications

Comments on Tech Radar - Ecommerce hosting

I made some comments about selecting a hosting service for an e-commerce website. They were published on Tech Radar. Coupled with this is the service level agreement (SLA) that supports the e-commerce servers in use, as Joe Gardiner, head of hosting at CatN, explains: “Make sure you have real people providing expert support.